Professional home sellers sometimes sell their own houses
Professional home sellers sometimes sell their own houses

When they do, they use certain tricks to help them and you can do these things, too

You have decided to sell your own house to save money on commissions and perhaps to maintain some control over how quickly it is sold. That makes sense, since there really isn’t anyone who will be more interested in getting the house sold in a hurry and for a decent price. Who would be more willing to hustle and get it done with more enthusiasm than the one it will affect the most?

It isn’t easy to sell your own house. When you consider that it may be the first time you ever attempted such a thing, when compared to those who do this for a living every day, the practical thing to do might be to emulate their actions. Take it from the pros and find out what they would do to sell their own homes. Copy the techniques of the experts.

Professional Things

One thing that professional home sellers do when selling their own homes is to leave the house on the market a bit longer than they would when selling a home for someone else. This is a tactic that helps them to get slightly more for the house. On the odd chance that you have plenty of time to sell, you can hold out for a short time to take offers and wait for the best one to come along instead of jumping at the first offer you get.

Another trick home sellers use when selling their own home is to have someone else come and make a fair assessment of the house inside and out. They ask about the overall look of the home, the curb appeal, and opinion of what the inside of the house looks like, and any smells that might exist.

This is perhaps one of the very hardest things to judge when you live in the home day after day. You might not be able to smell odors from cooking, smoking, pets, spills, trash, etc. Someone who doesn’t live in the home, however, will be able to easily detect these offensive odors and other quirks that can be found.

Certain things are known to put off buyers who come to look at the house. Don’t let your inability to see or smell these factors keep your house from selling. Prepare to have your feelings wounded if you ask for an honest assessment. Remember that you might feel a little slighted when your friend tells you she can smell the cat litter box, but you’ll feel so much better when the house is sold.