Sell Your Own Home – Preparing Your Home for Sale
Sell Your Own Home – Preparing Your Home for Sale

Preparing Your Home for Sale

If you want to sell your own home successfully you have to put yourself into the head of the home buyer and ask yourself “What would blow me away and make me want this house?” Home buyers want to be knocked off their feet when they visit your home. Have you ever visited a builder’s model homes? Did you notice any unmade beds, or dirty dishes in the kitchen sink? 

Of course not. Builders know how to market their “product”, how to create an inviting, comfortable atmosphere. You need to market your home like a builder; home buyers want the yard filled with flowers, the lawn mowed, the carpet clean, the front door washed, the clutter removed, all the lights on, and anything else that would make a “normal” home look like a “model” home.


When you set about getting ready to sell your own home your job is to do whatever you possibly can to give the prospective buyer what they are looking for in terms of condition and ammenities. You may only have one chance to do this when they visit your home for a showing. And remember, you’re competing with every other house for sale in your neighborhood for the same buyers.


Condition of your home

The condition and show of your home might prompt in a real sense thousands additional dollars in the value you can get for your home. Assuming you put forth the attempt to make your home show like a model home you can be guaranteed that it will consider emphatically the value you're ready to ask - and at last on your primary concern net benefit when you at last get to the end table.


Don’t get lazy after you’ve spruced your place up and put it on the market – keeping it in good condition while its on the market for sale is one of the most important and crucial aspects of successfully selling the home yourself. 

Above all else be neat and clean everywhere. This is the most important of not only the basic preparations, but also part of the daily marketing regimen. Rooms, closets and cupboards need to straightened up and uncluttered in appearance, and kept that way for showings.


This helps make your home look as extensive as could be expected. Rooms that are jumbled with an excess of furniture can really make enormous homes appear to be little, and loads of messiness is probably the greatest slip-up many DIY merchants make. Alright then – Roll up your sleeves and let’s look at some house-keeping projects that will help you sell your own home successfully.