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Loker RTI International Consultant Facilitator for Training on Monitoring 2022 Loker RTI International Consultant Facilitator for Training on Monitoring 2022

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Sustainable Fish Asia (SUFIA) Local Capacity Development (LCD) Activity

Consultant Facilitator for Training on Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Data Management and Designing Value-Added Research

1. Introduction/Background

The purpose of the USAID Sustainable Fish Asia (SUFIA) Local Capacity Development (LCD) Activity is to facilitate the organizational capacity development of regional fisheries organizations and conduct a regional Private Sector Engagement Landscape Assessment of the fisheries sector in Asia. RTI International is the implementing organization for SUFIA LCD Activity.

The organizational capacity assessment conducted with CTI-CFF revealed the need for improving skill and knowledge on monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) data management, as well as in designing and conducting value added research. This capacity development activity will enable CTI-CFF to develop and review their existing M&E system, track their results and evaluate work for their own institutional learning or accountability purposes. It will also provide knowledge and skills on how to design and conduct value added research.

The Capacity Development Action Plan for CTI-CFF identified the need for building capacity on Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Data Management and Designing and Conducting Value-Added Research to enhance the organization’s data management and research practices and capacities to achieve quality performance in addressing its mandates in the region. SUFIA LCD will provide support in organizing capacity development training addressing these topics through consultancies and arrangement of related activities, including internet support to participants from CTI-CFF member countries (if necessary). The training process will be documented as a training report.

This Statement of Work is for a Consultant Facilitator who will support the Technical Trainer and ensure that all the activities are run efficiently according to the training plan.

2. Scope of Work

The Consultant Facilitator (hereinafter referred to as the Consultant) will provide capacity development services to support SUFIA LCD’s on-going organizational capacity development work with CTI-CFF. Under the SUFIA LCD Project Manager’s direction, in coordination with the Organizational Development (OD) Consultant, the Consultant Facilitator shall:

  • Provide input to the training program agenda to ensure that the flow of activities is efficient.
  • Facilitate the use of online and IT applications during the online training sessions.
  • Act as the rapporteur or note taker to record the discussions and proceedings.
  • Ensure that participants register and sign-in sheets are complete.
  • Conduct pre- and post-event evaluation.
  • Develop an activity report containing activity schedules, proceedings, pre- and post-event evaluations, participants’ directory, photographs/screenshots, and other non-technical details related to the training.3. Period of Performance

The period of performance of this consultancy is between April and June 2022 (not to exceed a Level of Effort of 5 days). All work must be completed within this time frame. Any modifications or extensions shall be requested through SUFIA LCD’s Project Manager for review and discussion.

4. Place of Performance

The Consultant shall perform the work remotely, and shall be required to meet the SUFIA LCD Team (PM and OD Consultant) and the Consultant Trainer, virtually for meetings during preparation, delivery and post-event. The Consultant should have their own computing, and virtual office and meeting facilities to perform the tasks.

5. Work Requirements

The Consultant shall be responsible for performing the tasks related to the facilitation of the training on Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Data Management and Designing Value-Added Research. The following is a list of these tasks:

Preparatory stage:

  • Consultant shall provide inputs to the training program agenda developed by the Consultant Trainer.
  • Consultant shall prepare relevant training and facilitation materials (in collaboration with the OD Consultant and Consultant Trainer).
  • Participate in the preparatory meetings with the team.

Training Implementation:

  • Consultant shall ensure that the training agenda is followed, and the flow of activities are done efficiently.
  • Consultant will ensure that participants have registered and monitor the sign-in document.
  • Consultant will facilitate the sessions and call the Consultant Trainer to deliver the technical sessions as per the agenda.
  • Consultant shall conduct pre-event and post-event evaluation, analyze the results, and include it in the Activity Report.
  • Consultant serve as the rapporteur and take notes of the proceedings and discussions during the sessions.

Consultant will serve as the emcee during opening and closing sessions

Handoff/Closure of Consultancy Services:

  • Consultant shall provide SUFIA LCD with all documentation generated during the Consultancy, including the complete and verified sign-in sheets
  • Consultant shall submit an Activity Report to SUFIA LCD detailing the activity timeline, Consultant’s tasks and their outcomes, the proceedings of the training, pre- and post-event evaluation, participants’ directory, recommendations, photographs, (template to be provided).

6. Schedule/Milestones/Deliverables


Date of Submission/Delivery

Estimated Level of Effort (Days)*

Preparatory: Meetings with SUFIA LCD and Consultant Trainer; provide inputs to the training agenda; prepare non-technical materials

April 2022


Facilitate the online training (8 hours)

May 2022


Debriefing with SUFIA LCD; Activity report with the required supporting documents

May 2022


Total LOE (days)


*1 day = 8 hours

7. Acceptance Criteria

The Acceptance of all deliverables will reside with SUFIA LCD Project Manager. The PM will work with the OD Consultant and Finance and Administration Manager (FAM) to ensure completeness of each stage of the work and that the scope of work has been met. Once a deliverable has been submitted, the PM will review and sign off on the approval.

Once the Consultancy period is near completion, the Consultant will provide all the deliverables during this stage as stated above in Section 6 to the OD Consultant who will forward them to PM for acceptance. The acceptance of these deliverables by the PM will acknowledge acceptance of all deliverables and that the Consultant has met all assigned tasks.

Any discrepancies involving completion of project tasks or disagreement between SUFIA LCD and the chosen Consultant will be referred to RTI’s Asia Regional Office and the RTI Home Office for review and discussion.

8. Other Requirements


The Consultant shall provide updates on the work done and to report on any challenges faced.


Due to the pandemic situation, the consultancy services will be delivered online and travel to site will not be possible.


The Consultant shall use their own computer and other IT equipment to complete the work.


The SUFIA LCD Project Manager in Bangkok, Thailand in coordination with OD Consultant in Bali, Indonesia, will provide technical oversight to the Consultant. The Consultant’s main contact point will be the OD Consultant, and to whom deliverables will be submitted.

Submission Requirements

  • Capability Statement and Portfolio: Applicants should indicate their capacity to provide the services. This information should include past verified performance of similar assignments undertaken and include a contact person for reference (we are not expecting actual reference but only a contact name, e-mail address and phone number of the person that can provide reference). This capability statement should not exceed 2 pages. Anything more than 2 pages will not be reviewed.
  • Professional CV
  • Applicants must submit copies of the following:
  • National ID Card or Passport
  • Educational degree certificates

Submission Guidelines

  • Closing date is April 22, 2022
  • Application should be in English
  • Application should be submitted via email to SUFIA-Procurement@rti.org
  • Applicants should indicate the reference number on the subject line of their email as follows: “SUFIA – 2022 – Facilitator MEL Data Management Training”

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.


Consultant Facilitator for Training on Monitoring Loker RTI International Consultant Facilitator for Training on Monitoring 2022